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Here are some we have had already…

1. When do you start broadcasting live?

17th June 2014 – Royal Ascot Day 1……No better place to start

2. Will you cover UK and Irish Racing?

Yes both, seven days a week….

3. Do I have to pay for the App?

No – it’s free!

4. What frequency are you broadcasting on?

None – it is only delivered on line – via the app or the website, and soon Itunes, TuneIn and over platforms that provide Internet Radio services. You must have access to the internet of course.

5. Where is the studio?

We are based next to The Curragh

6. Can I come on air?

If you have something to talk to us about and want to promote racing and your activities we can’t wait to hear from you – contact and let us know. Help us set the tone of RacingFM….