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Schedule – November 2015

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Spencer makes retirement u-turn

Jamie Spencer is set to continue his career in the saddle after making a u-turn on his decision to retire at the end of the year. The two time British Champion jockey announced that he would step down from his job as retained jockey to powerful owners Qatar Racing in August but has decided not to take up a management job with his employers in favour of returning to the freelance circuit.


Announcing the news in a statement, the 34 year old Spencer said:  “Sheikh Fahad and Qatar Racing offered me a wonderful opportunity to become part of their management team but, after much reflection, I have decided that at this stage in my life I am not going to accept it.


“I have discussed at length with Sheikh Fahad my decision to carry on riding and he fully understands and supports me. He appreciates that riding is what makes me happy and the last thing he wants to do is stand in the way of that.


“The friendship I have with Sheikh Fahad goes way beyond that of the traditional owner-jockey relationship and even though I will no longer be retained by Qatar Racing I know that won’t change.


“I will be riding primarily as a freelance, but obviously I have certain existing links and relationships with trainers that I will be utilising. I am also looking forward to being entirely free and available for the first time in six seasons and developing new associations. I have no specific targets other than to continue to be successful.


“There have been a few close confidants that have helped me in making this decision and I’d like to thank them for their support.


“At the time of their offer, I thought I was ready to retire from race riding and take up a position with Qatar Racing. Sheikh Fahad understands completely why I no longer feel I can accept the offer and that is what is most important to me, I am less concerned about what others may think or say.”



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