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Schedule – November 2015

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Tote swell pools at The Galway Festival 2015

Tote Guarantees Exceed €1.1 Million for the 2015 Galway Festival with Quick Pick options a new addition for the less familiar racegoers this week at Galway…..


Tote Ireland has announced guarantees in excess of €1.1 million for the upcoming Galway Festival. This includes €100,000 guarantees for the Pick 6 every day, €30,000 daily for the Placepot and up to €40,000 on the Jackpot pools. The Jackpot has proved a particularly popular bet in recent times at the Galway Festival with an average dividend of €3,542 across the last three festivals.


It is now easier than ever to play these increased pools with the new Quick Pick feature. Tote customers can pick how much they would like to spend on their bet and Tote’s new intelligent system will maximise the number of runners possible and identify the runners with the best chance through market analysis. Quick Pick bets are available online at and on-course from any Tote cashier.


Quick Pick Packs are also available on-course in denominations of €10, €20, €40 and €80 which will give customers Quick Pick bets for the Pick 6, Jackpot and Placepot in one handy pack.


Tote Ireland CEO Tim Higgins said: “We are very proud of Tote’s ‘small stakes big win’ ethos. The Galway Festival is a huge week in the Irish racing calendar and we have reflected this in our guarantees of over €1.1 million for the week.


“Our new Quick Pick option now opens these big win pool bets to everyone regardless of racing knowledge and there is nothing we would like to see more than a big winner through Quick Pick next week.”



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